Low-carbon birding is not about giving up holidays. It’s about doing it differently.

A sensible response to the climate crisis is birding locally. If travelling abroad, treat it as a luxury, plan your trip well, make the most of it by staying long, and use low-carbon transport.

Trains vs. planes: What’s the real cost of travel?

Read more at Deutsche Welle (public international broadcaster).

Traveling by train doesn’t have to be expensive. The website The Man in Seat 61 offers detailed information about booking InterRail passes.

InterRail pass prices 2020

With just a little planning, southern and eastern Europe, and even Turkey and Morocco, are within reach.

Travel time map.

See, for example, this page on how to plan and book a journey from London to Tangier, Marrakech, Fez, Rabat or Casablanca without flying.

Source: The Man in Seat 61.

And night trains are making a comeback.

The Guardian article (December 2019): The best new European rail journeys for 2020

“By the end of 2020, these new services will be running every night, which is great news for UK passengers looking to connect with Europe’s night train network on the Eurostar via Brussels. The new services make it easier to reach Tirolean resorts and cities such as Vienna and Budapest by train. It will be possible to leave London after lunch and, with just two changes of train (Brussels and Vienna), be in Romania or Serbia by the following afternoon.”

The Guardian article (February 2020) on 10 of the best sleeper trains in Europe: Stockholm to Narvik, Milan to Palermo, Paris to Rome, Nice to Moscow, Brussels to Vienna, Madrid to Lisbon, Zurich to Hamburg, Helsinki to Rovaniemi, Budapest to Bucharest, London Paddington to Penzance.

For further information about night trains check An introduction to overnight travel by The Man in Seat 61.

Organising your train journey

For detailed information on organising train journeys in Europe and beyond check the award winning website The Man in Seat 61. For booking train tickets in Europe check Rail Europe and Trainline.