Photo credits

Matt Livesey

I am  a wildlife photographer based in Hertfordshire. My primary focus is capturing and showcasing UK wildlife in a variety of different lights. I most enjoy discovering and photographing the wildlife in my local area, and only occasionally travel longer distances to photograph those species that simply cannot be found in the local countryside. Studying at university in Durham and then Oxford has allowed me to explore parts of the UK that were new to me and offered me the chance to photograph a variety of different species. The quiet, secluded stretches along the River Wear is a setting that will always hold a place in my heart. Whilst I take pleasure in watching and documenting wildlife, I am also aware of the conservation challenges many species in the UK face. I enjoy engaging with farmers and other landowners to build relationships and photograph wildlife on their land, as well as often having positive discussions about steps to aid its conservation.

Matt Livesey photography. Twitter @m_livesey

Other photos

Bicycle – Zoltan Tasi

Dunes – Mitchel Lensink

Person on the beach – Brian Walker