A climate-friendly approach to ornithology is being advocated by a growing number of birdwatchers and researchers.  The aim of this website is to contribute to this collective effort.

Low-carbon birding is about making a reasonable effort to reduce emissions while considering personal circumstancesnot everyone lives near good birding places or has access to low-carbon transport.

It can mean different things to different people. For some it is simply about slowing down and experimenting with more fulfilling ways of enjoying and studying birds. For others it is a way to cope with anxieties caused by the climate crisis, the dilution of old certainties, and the need to redirect our dreams and expectations.

For some it is about aligning our actions with climate science and granting credibility to our claims about the need for urgent action. For many it is ultimately about helping to bring about a different birding culture, one that can be enjoyed by alland not just a select fewin a liveable planet.

Whatever your reasons are, enjoy your low-carbon birdingand talk about it.

If you can, join or support peaceful civil disobedience movements to create a new political reality that works for people and the planet.